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Surfer’s Ear

Surfer’s Ear-


Surfer’s ear (the common name for exostosis) is the name given to a bony growth that develops inside the ear canal. The ear canal is basically a cylindrical tube, and when the tube is constricted by bone growth, you have surfer’s ear.

Exostoses are bony outgrowths of the external auditory canal. They typically line both the front and back of the canal causing narrowing, which can be severe. Exostoses happen more often in people exposed to cold water and wind, such as surfers and divers .The name is “surfer’s ear”.

Initially exostoses don’t generally cause any symptoms. As they grow, they begin to block the external auditory canal, trapping water. This leads to infections,  and because of the altered shape of the ear canal, these infections can be more difficult to treat. If you have exostoses and get recurring infections, you might be a candidate for surgical removal of the exostoses. Rarely, exostoses will cause a conductive hearing loss because of blockage of the ear canal. In these cases, surgery can help to correct the hearing loss. Surfers or swimmers predisposed to exostoses should consider wearing earplugs. Patients who have significant external canal exostoses without recurrent infection or hearing loss should be observed and have their ear canals cleaned periodically.

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Concept of good quality health care is shifting from humanity care to Morbidity care. ENT specialist has 3 of the 5 unique senses, namely Hearing, Smell and Taste under its care. The 6th newly included special Sense of Balance is also connected to the ear. Care of hearing, taste, smell, voice and balance care come under ENT. So morbidity and wellness care is unfinished without ENT care.

Hearing loss in a child should be suspected, if reaction of your child is not proper. When the child is Lazy, Inattentive or Naughty. When there is holdup in speech development. For further detail look in common warning symbols.

Sinus surgery is often required when someone with sinusitis does not get better after trying prescription or other treatments.

Tonsillitis is a disease of the tonsils. Symptoms of tonsillitis include severe sore throat, trouble swallowing, headache, fever and chills.

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