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Eustachian Tube Problems

Eustachian Tube Problems-


Eustachian tubes are little tubes that run between your middle ears and the upper throat. They are responsible for equalizing ear stress and draining fluid from the middle ear, the part of the ear behind the eardrum. The Eustachian tubes are generally closed except for when you chew, swallow, or yawn.

The Eustachian tube is the narrow channel connecting the back of the nose with the middle ear space. It lies deep within the head and is made of cartilage and bone. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube can result in ear fullness along with associated discomfort, popping or crackling sounds, sensation of force and diminished hearing.

The Eustachian tube acts as a pressure-equalizing valve for the middle ear, which is usually filled with air. Blockage of the Eustachian tube opening leads to a negative middle ear pressure because air can’t enter the middle ear space from the back of the nose. Over time, continued blockage of the Eustachian tube, with the associated negative middle ear pressure, can lead to fluid being drawn out of the tissue lining the middle ear. This leads to a state called otitis media with effusion (OME). If the fluid in the middle ear becomes infected, it’s called acute otitis media. OME is the most commonly reason of hearing loss in children and is often call Glue ear.

Chronic OME may result from continued and persistent Eustachian tube blockage or from thickening of the fluid such that it can’t be fascinated or drained through the Eustachian tube.

Treatment of OME is initially medical and generally directed towards treatment of the upper respiratory infection or allergy attacks. When the middle ear fluid is infected (acute otitis media), antibiotic treatment is needed. If antibiotics don’t clear the ear, a surgical procedure may be necessary. These include myringotomy with or without insertion of a ventilation tube. Like acute OME, treatment of chronic OME may be either medical or surgical, such as antibiotics, allergy treatment or myringotomy with insertion of a ventilation tube and, at times, adenoidectomy.

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Concept of good quality health care is shifting from humanity care to Morbidity care. ENT specialist has 3 of the 5 unique senses, namely Hearing, Smell and Taste under its care. The 6th newly included special Sense of Balance is also connected to the ear. Care of hearing, taste, smell, voice and balance care come under ENT. So morbidity and wellness care is unfinished without ENT care.

Hearing loss in a child should be suspected, if reaction of your child is not proper. When the child is Lazy, Inattentive or Naughty. When there is holdup in speech development. For further detail look in common warning symbols.

Sinus surgery is often required when someone with sinusitis does not get better after trying prescription or other treatments.

Tonsillitis is a disease of the tonsils. Symptoms of tonsillitis include severe sore throat, trouble swallowing, headache, fever and chills.

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