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Childhood Hearing Loss

Childhood Hearing Loss


Hearing capability is essential for children to develop speech and language skills as they grow. In the past, hearing loss in children often went undetected until the child was around two years old, when it became understandable that he or she wasn’t talking yet.

Children, like adults, can have hearing loss reason by problems in any part of the ear. Even mild hearing loss in children requires attention and intervention to reduce the impact on speech and language development and education.

Problems in the external ear canal can comprise ear wax, “swimmers ear” (an infection in the ear canal), and eardrum perforation due to injury or resulting from a middle ear infection. In rare cases, a child’s ear canal never fully develops before birth; a condition that is called atresia.

Problems in the middle ear can include otitis media (middle ear fluid) or abnormalities with the bones that conduct the sound to the inner ear. Middle ear fluid (Glue ear) is very regular in young children and can reason mild to moderate hearing loss that comes and goes. It can generally be treated medically or with insertion of ventilation tubes into the eardrums.

Problems in the inner ear can be present at birth or acquired as a result of illness or injury to the very weak inner ear structures. Sensorineural hearing loss cannot be corrected with medicine or surgery, although there are several surgically-implantable devices that can help some children who cannot benefit from conventional hearing aids.

Knowing early that a child has a hearing loss and providing early treatment is critical to successful development of language. For children who do not get sufficient benefit from hearing aids to develop oral language and where learning to listen and speak is the goal, a cochlear implant may be an option.

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Concept of good quality health care is shifting from humanity care to Morbidity care. ENT specialist has 3 of the 5 unique senses, namely Hearing, Smell and Taste under its care. The 6th newly included special Sense of Balance is also connected to the ear. Care of hearing, taste, smell, voice and balance care come under ENT. So morbidity and wellness care is unfinished without ENT care.

Hearing loss in a child should be suspected, if reaction of your child is not proper. When the child is Lazy, Inattentive or Naughty. When there is holdup in speech development. For further detail look in common warning symbols.

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