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About Audiology


Audiologists are health care professionals who assess, treat and educate to stop hearing and balance problems. They are trained to perform a multiplicity of tests to determine the nature and degree of an individual’s hearing and/or balance problems. They see people of all ages – babies, children and adults.

Once the hearing and/or balance problem is known, an audiologist can help determine the best action to help individuals deal with their problems.

An audiologist carries out a series of tests on adults and children to decide the existence, nature and extent of hearing loss and balance disorders, enabling exact clinical diagnosis in a variety of hearing related conditions. They count and qualify hearing in terms of the degree, the type and the configuration of the hearing loss.

Audiology is a licensed health-care profession. Audiologists diagnose, treat, and control hearing loss and balance disorders for adults and children. Treatment for hearing loss typically involves choosing and fitting hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive technologies. These diagnostic and treatment services needed audiologists to have knowledge of existing and emerging technologies. As well, sharp interpersonal skills are necessary to counsel and guide both patients and their family members through the rehabilitative procedure.

In addition, audiologists also present surgical monitoring, implement hearing conservation programs, and handle newborn hearing screening programs. Some audiologists may choose to give a wide scope of general hearing health services or specialize in a single aspect of the profession.

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Concept of good quality health care is shifting from humanity care to Morbidity care. ENT specialist has 3 of the 5 unique senses, namely Hearing, Smell and Taste under its care. The 6th newly included special Sense of Balance is also connected to the ear. Care of hearing, taste, smell, voice and balance care come under ENT. So morbidity and wellness care is unfinished without ENT care.

Hearing loss in a child should be suspected, if reaction of your child is not proper. When the child is Lazy, Inattentive or Naughty. When there is holdup in speech development. For further detail look in common warning symbols.

Sinus surgery is often required when someone with sinusitis does not get better after trying prescription or other treatments.

Tonsillitis is a disease of the tonsils. Symptoms of tonsillitis include severe sore throat, trouble swallowing, headache, fever and chills.

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